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Preparing for Pentecost

Pastors' series as we go through what the New Testament has to say about the out pouring of the Holy Spirit in the early days of the Church and how this applies to us today as we prepare our hearts in preparation for Pentecost Sunday! Week 5 - Rev. Carl Collette - Pentecost Sunday PlayPauseStopMute
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A Different Kind of Kingdom

Pastor Harris' series on looking past the kingdoms of this world as followers of Jesus Christ. Showing us how to see the Different Kind of Kingdom that the bible speaks about. Week 6 - The Key to The Kingdom PlayPauseStopMute
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Characters of Christmas

Pastor Harris talks about the real reason for the season as he dives in to study the Characters of this beautiful Christmas Story. Week 4 - The Wise Men: Men Who Knew How to Worship PlayPauseStopMute
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The Questions Jesus Asked

Pastor's Series on the questions Jesus asked as found in the gospel of John   Week 6  - A Question of Faith   PlayPauseStopMute
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People of Faith

Pastor Harris brings a series on faith.  Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3   Week 3 - Life in the Midst of Life's Difficulties PlayPauseStopMute
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The Spirit-Filled Life

In these sermons, we learn what it means to live a Spirit-filled life as we use Elisha as a model of such a life.       The Legacy of a Spirit-Filled Life - Week 9   PC: Right Click "Save Link As" / OSX: Control+Click Then "Select Download Linked File" Click Here to Download A Life…
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Holy Spirit

In recognition of Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Tim brings four messages on the person and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the church. Signs of a Spirit-Filled Life - Week 1 PlayPauseStopMute
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Easter Season 2016 Sermons

The Third Day! The most important day in the Christian calendar; Easter. A series of messages that starts on Palm Sunday with the crowd gathering as Jesus enters Jerusalem (A Mixed Crowd). Then brings us through the parallels of the 3 days of Jesus's execution and resurrection (Why Have You Forsaken Me, The Third Day). Finally…
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Jesus’ Stories

Follow Pastor Tim's most recent sermon series as he delves into Jesus's Stories. This 7 part series explores different parables in the life of Jesus and his disciples. See how the kingdom of God still applies to our everyday lives as we strive to be more Christ like. May God's word bless and nourish us.  …
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