Children’s Ministries During COVID-19

Ages 2-5yrs & 1st-6th Grades

10 children per class maximum, registration required:

Pre-Register for Church!

Parent's Responsibilities:

  • All children must be pre-registered online as part of the Sunday registration process. (Please do not bring children who have not been pre-registered.)
  • Review the COVID-19 guidelines below prior to registering your child; answers to all questions must be “no.”  If any of the answers change prior to Sunday, do not bring children to the church.
  • If any of the below if TRUE for the child or anyone in the home, registration is not permitted:
    • Fever within the past 48 hours
    • Experiencing any respiratory illnesses such as a cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath within 72 hours
    • Contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
    • Travel out of the country or to any state on the New Jersey State quarantine list within the prior 14 days.  (You can check that list for updates at
  • Children must be fever-free without medication for 72 hours (3 days) prior to coming to church
  • Parents are asked to arrive with their children between 9:45 and 9:55 a.m.
  • When arriving at the church, children must be brought immediately to their designated classroom where they must be signed in by a parent/guardian. (Do not send children on their own). At that time, the parent/guardian will be asked to sign a COVID-19 in-take questionnaire.
  • Children must be picked up by a parent/guardian and immediately escorted out of the church building as quickly as possible following the service.
  • Children will not be allowed to bring toys from home.
  • Children in the pre-school class (age 2 – K) will be encouraged to wear face coverings; children in Kids Church (grades 1 – 6) will be required to wear face coverings at all times.
  • Parents are asked to set a good example for their children by as well wearing face coverings at all times while in the church building and practicing social distancing.

Church's Responsibilities and Commitment:

  • The children’s ministry staff will be screened, following the same procedures as children and families
  • Staff will be required to wear face coverings in the classroom with the children
  • Hand sanitizing gel will be provided to staff and children to ensure hand hygiene
  • Wipes/cleaning products will be available in the classrooms to ensure high traffic areas are properly cleaned/sanitized
  • Classrooms will go through a sanitizing process after each use
  • Pillows and soft toys have been removed from the classroom.
  • There will be a limit of 10 children per classroom.
  • Children from age 2 years old through Kindergarten will be in the Pre-school classroom; 1st – 6th grade will be in the Youth Room.